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Tramec srl presents its new catalogue “Motion & Control”.
As of today you will be able to get an updated catalogue for the products: T – Z – P – M –N - R - RL.
Further to the configuration updating, we have pleasure in confirming the availability of all the drawings for the size 130.
TRAMEC is celebrating its 25th anniversary of activities this year.
Tramec srl certified its products according to ATEX CE 94/9 Directives
As of today you will be able to get an updated catalogue for the products.
Varmec presents its catalogue re. the new sizes of helical gearboxes in aluminium.
Tramec presents its catalogue regarding the new size X130 worm gearbox.
TLS presents its catalogue regarding its new worm gearboxes.
We started production of the new MA shaft-mounted gearboxes.
As of today you will be able to get an updated brochure in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
Tramec Italy has built up a new structure which will operate directly within the French market.
Our service for the on-line gearbox selection is now available.
Our new catalogue on worm gearboxes is now available.
Tramec Getriebe GmbH is the new commercial firm belonging to TVT Group.
04-01-07 Torque limiter
The worm gearboxes X and K Series range has been completed with the manufacturing of the torque limiter.
The new coaxial gearboxes’ catalogue (RCV) issued by Varmec will be available.
The new catalogue on bevel helical gearboxes (T), parallel shaft gearboxes (Z), shaft-mounted gearboxes (P) and right-angle gearboxes (R) is now available in two versions.
The new K series of worm reducers is now available.