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Benedetto XIV basket Cento: at the Tramec Srl headquarters, the first press conference of the season

On Thursday 8 July, at the Tramec Srl headquarters in Calderara di Reno (BO), the 2021/2022 season of Benedetto XIV Cento, basketball team of Cento that will participate again in the Serie A2 national championship, was inaugurated. The first purchases, and in particular the renewal of the sponsorship with Tramec: these are the themes of the press conference. 
The speeches were opened by the President of Benedetto XIV, Gianni Fava, who after thanking Leo Girotti (CEO of Tramec Srl and vice-president Benedetto XIV) for the hospitality stressed the importance of the partnership, which saw the renewal of the title sponsorship of the team, which in fact will be registered  in the championship as Tramec Cento. 
After recalling the previous season, President Fava announced some confirmations in the technical staff and in the corporate organization chart. 
Following the words of Leo Girotti, who preferred to talk about sponsorship in a different perspective. "The term sponsorship has taken on a different meaning, which is not linked to mere economic value, but the one that speaks of the passion of the fans, of the hard work of all the collaborators behind the scenes. We must look to the future as a  glass half full, not half empty: this is the meaning that has always been associated with the Tramec-Benedict XIV duo, I hope that this relationship can continue in mutual respect. " 
Angelo Mastrandrea, partner of IGI Private Equity who recently acquired 75% of Tramec Srl, intervened. "It is not common practice for investment funds to participate in these activities, however our goal is not only to grow companies to give an economic return to our shareholders, but also to give them an organization and a structure of a certain type, promoting certain values. The choice to support Tramec Cento therefore came naturally, as a sign of continuity "
Space then to Riccardo Fava, A.D. of Baltur S.p.A., a company from Cento historically linked to local basketball, which has sponsored Benedetto XIV several times since the 1990s and has now returned as a second sponsor for gaming uniforms. 
Finally, space for new signings, Giacomo Zilli and Giovanni Tomassini, expert players in the category, who will be partners of the roster under construction for the 21-22 season of Benedetto XIV Tramec Cento.