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Bevel helical gearboxes

Series T


Bevel helical gearboxes T SERIES stand out for their strength and application versatility, which make these types of gearboxes suitable for medium-heavy industry application. High efficiency is guaranteed and these gearboxes are recommended for applications which need continuous duty or when high driving torque are require.

TRAMEC bevel helical gearboxes are available in 10 sizes with two reduction stages and in 9 sizes with three reduction stages.


• Power up to 137.1 kW
• Reduction range 8 to 630
• Torque range T2M = 110 – 11850 Nm

• Input shaft is available in projecting input shaft, pre‐engineered motor coupling (bell and joint) and pre‐engineered compact motor coupling, sizes 56 ‐ 63 ‐ 75 excluded.

• Gear unit casing is in aluminium for sizes 56 ‐ 63 ‐ 75, in engineering cast iron for sizes 71 ‐ 90 – 112 – 140 – 160 - 180 and spheroidal graphite cast iron for sizes 200 ‐ 225. Unit casing is ribbed internally and externally to guarantee rigidity as it is machined on all surfaces for easy positioning. The single lubrication chamber guarantees improved heat dissipation and improved lubrication of all the internal components.

• Gearbox housing, flanges, bells, and covers are externally painted with BLUE RAL 5010, except for bevel helical gearboxes size 56 ‐63 ‐75 which are made in aluminium.

• Gears are built in casehardened compound steel and have undergone casehardening and quench‐ hardening treatments. In particular, the first reduction stage consists of two GLEASON spiral bevel gears with precision ground profile, in case‐hardened and quench‐hardened steel.

• The use of high‐quality tapered roller bearings on all shafts (except for the input sleeve on the pre‐ engineered compact motor coupling, which is supported by angular ball bearings) ensures long life and enables very high external radial and axial loads.

• Accessories available are output shaft, mounting and dismounting kit with hollow output shaft (except T56 – 63 – 71 – 75), hollow output shaft with shrink disc, output flange, torque arm, hollow shaft protection kit, backstop device.

• Spare parts list is available on the technical catalogue HELICAL AND BEVEL HELICAL GEARBOXES, with blue cover.

Bevel helical gearboxes


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