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Precision Hypoid gearboxes

Series HTA


The HTA (Hypoid Transmission for Automation) series of high-precision hypoid servo gearboxes are the concentration of different solutions in a mechanical system to enhance performances and achieve high precision of movement.

The hypoid servo gearbox series is made up of 5 sizes (16-22-32-40-55) with 1 and 2 reduction stages, with a range of ratios from 3:1 to 100:1 and performances to cover the requirements of many applications as robotics, automation, machine tools, printing machines, automatic packing and packaging machines, manipulators, screen printing machines, linear guides.


  • Torque range T2M = 32 – 1440 Nm
  • Reduction ratio 3 – 100
  • It is possible to configure the gearbox with either an integral projecting shaft (smooth or keyed) or a hollow through shaft with shrink disk. The integral solution of the output shafts guarantees perfect concentricity as well as stiffening of the shafts themselves.
  • The version with 1 reduction stage is made of hypoid torque, while the version with 2 reduction stage is made of hypoid torque and planetary stage with helical gears
  • HTA series gearboxes stand out for their robustness and geometric compactness, as well as precision of movement
  • Multiple construction configurations available
  • High speeds of rotation and high torsional stiffness
  • Maximum angular backlash < 5'

Precision Hypoid gearboxes


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