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Right angle gearboxes light series

Series RL


RL Series right-angle drives, also called light series, are designed for industrial applications where rotary power must be transferred between two shafts at right-angles to each other. They could have 2 or 3 output shafts.


• Power up to 6.5 kW
• Reduction range 1 to 2
• Torque range T2M = 0.9 - 42 Nm

• Cast housing is made of a single-piece aluminium alloy casting with 5 mounting points and 3 flanges.

• Bevel gears GLEASON toothed are made of Nickel – Chrome steel and are submitted to a surface case - quench hardening treatment before the running in. The backlash between gears ensures maximum service life and very low noise level. Back lash tolerances can be reduced to a minimum of 5’ if specifically requested.

• The shafts are made of steel and surface treated against corrosion. The external coupling is carried out by means of a key UNI standard (except for the size 1). Keyways can be made at any angle, no special references between them are necessary.

• Ball bearings liberally dimensioned and with deep races.

• Oilseal rings are fitted to all models. Special seal rings for high or low temperatures are available upon request.

• The right angle gearboxes are supplied complete with lubrication: the size 31 is filled with long life grease; the other sizes are filled with oil.

Right angle gearboxes light series


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