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Shaft‐mounted gearboxes

Series MA


Shaft-mounted gearbox MA series occur by means of tension arm and a back-stop device can be mounted if required by the application. Shaft-mounted gearboxes are available in 7 sizes with a two reduction stages.


• Power up to 89 kW
• Reduction range 12.5 to 25
• Torque range T2M = 300 - 8600 Nm

• A projecting input shaft with key is available for mounting of pulleys for belt transmissions.

• The helical spur gears are built in quench‐hardened and case‐hardened steel. The teeth of all gears are ground to ensure silent running.

• The standard hollow output shaft made of steel is dimensioned accordingly to enhance performance in all different applications.

• The rigid structure of the housing in engineering cast iron ensures superior resistance to stress. The single lubrication chamber guarantees excellent thermal dissipation.

• Gearbox housing, flanges, bells, and covers are externally painted with BLUE RAL 5010.

• Accessories available are tensioner, mounting and dismounting kit with hollow output shaft, hollow output shaft with shrink disc, backstop device.

• Spare parts list is available on the technical catalogue HELICAL AND BEVEL HELICAL GEARBOXES, with blue cover.

Shaft‐mounted gearboxes


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