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Shaft‐mounted gearboxes

Series P


Shaft-mounted gearbox P series are designed to optimize space footprint and provide at same time high efficiency to be suitable in various industry applications.
Shaft-mounted gearboxes are available in 6 sizes with a single reduction stage and in 6 sizes with two reduction stages.


• Power up to 90.2 kW
• Reduction range 5 to 63
• Torque range T2M = 170 - 4480 Nm

• Two input types are available: one with projecting input shaft and one with compact motor coupling for mounting to IEC flanged electric motors.

• The gear unit body in engineering cast iron, internally and externally ribbed to guarantee rigidity has a single lubrication chamber to guarantee an improved heat dissipation and better lubrication of all the internal components.

• Gearbox housing, flanges and covers are externally painted with BLUE RAL 5010.

• The helical spur gears are built in 16CrNi4 or 18NiCrMo5 or 20MnCr5 UNI EN 10084 quench‐hardened and, case‐hardened steel.

• The standard hollow output shaft made of steel and available with holes of various diameters, the possibility of mounting an output flange on the side opposite the input shaft, anchorage through either a tensioner or a torque arm, the possibility of mounting a backstop device, make these gearboxes highly efficient and facilitate their installation in various applications.

• Accessories available are output shaft, mounting and dismounting kit with hollow output shaft, hollow output shaft with shrink disc, output flange, torque arm, hollow shaft protection kit, backstop device.

• Spare parts list is available on the technical catalogue HELICAL AND BEVEL HELICAL GEARBOXES, with blue cover.

Shaft‐mounted gearboxes


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