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Worm gearboxes

Series X


Worm gearbox X series are designed with monolithic body standing out for its high modularity of fastening options thanks to tolerance machining of all faces. X series worm gearboxes are available in 9 sizes.


• Power up to 9.2 kW
• Reduction range 5 to 100
• Torque range T2M = 14 – 1037 Nm

• Following versions are available: XA with shaft, XF and XC suitable for motor mounting assembling. The size 89 is only available in the XC version. Version XF (bell housing + coupling) suits a wide range of applications and provides higher efficiency than the compact line XC, which offers reduced space requirement.

• The monobloc housing is in cast‐iron for sizes 90 – 110 – 130, in die‐cast aluminium for sizes 30 – 40 – 50 – 63 – 75 – 89.

• The worm wheel has a cast‐iron hub provided with inserted cast‐bronze ring.

• The worm shaft is in case‐and quench‐hardened alloy steel and ground.

• The housings in cast iron are painted BLUE RAL 5010, those in aluminium are sandblasted.

• The hollow output shaft is supplied as standard. A broad range of accessories is available: second input, tapered roller bearings on the worm wheel, output flange, single or double‐extended output shaft, torque limiter with through hollow shaft, torque arm, hollow shaft protection kit, torque limiter protection kit.

• Spare parts list is available on the technical catalogue WORM GEARBOXES, with brown cover.

Worm gearboxes


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